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EU imposes sanctions against Medvedchuk

May 27, 2024

On Monday, May 27, the European Union, at the request of the Czech Republic, imposed sanctions against former MP from the banned OPFL party Viktor Medvedchuk and the Voice of Europe media platform he controls.

This was reported by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs on X.

"The Voice of Europe company is a tool of Russian propaganda, through which Russia tried to influence, in particular, the elections to the European Parliament," the statement said.

In addition to Medvedchuk, his associate Artem Marchevsky, who runs the platform, was also sanctioned.

According to the Czech diplomatic agency, all the restrictions that the country applied against these legal entities are now valid for all 27 EU member states.

"For Medvedchuk and Marchevsky, this means a ban on entry to all EU countries and transit through their territory. At the same time, all funds and economic resources are frozen for all three entities throughout the EU," the Czech Foreign Ministry emphasizes.

The imposition of sanctions on the Voice of Europe by all 27 EU member states will significantly complicate the further activities of this project, the Czech diplomatic mission emphasizes.

"The Voice of Europe project is one of the important tentacles of the Russian regime, through which the Kremlin has tried to create structures of influence in the heart of our democracies - the European Parliament," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Author - Ihor Lontkivskyi 27.05.24

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