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German company receives €200 million order for ammunition production

Apr 26, 2023

The German company Rheinmetall has received an order for the production of ammunition worth more than 200 million euros. It is already known that these are IFV shells for a European country.


The specific recipient state is not disclosed. This is reported on the manufacturer's official website

"Rheinmetall has received an important order for ammunition for infantry fighting vehicles. The Group will supply medium-caliber ammunition to a European country, with an order value exceeding EUR 200 million net. The shipment should take place in 2023-2025," the statement said.

It is worth noting that Rheinmetall is the only supplier of new 20-35 mm ammunition for medium-caliber automatic and anti-aircraft guns of the Marder, Gepard, Puma, and similar systems; 105 mm ammunition for Leopard 1 and 120 mm ammunition for Leopard 2, as well as 155 mm artillery shells.

It is also known that the company has the ability to make large-scale deliveries in a shorter time frame.

"The Düsseldorf-based technology company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of weapon systems and ammunition. The product range ranges from medium-caliber ammunition for infantry fighting vehicles and air defense systems to aircraft guns and high-energy lasers. Rheinmetall is currently building an additional production line for live ammunition at its Unterluss plant, which will meet the increased demand for air defense ammunition starting this summer," the company said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 26/04/2023

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