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Germany is optimistic about energy supply during the winter

Dec 10, 2022

The leading producer of electricity in Germany RWE predicts that the power supply of the country will remain stable during the winter months.

RWE CEO Markus Krebber told Reuters.

"Germany will export more electricity to France this winter than ever before," Krebber told the Rheinische Post, referring to the fact that the neighboring country has turned on a record number of nuclear plants for inspection.
"The problems of French nuclear power plants are also the reason why there are so many gas-fired power plants here. Nevertheless, I am quite optimistic that we will get through the winter well in terms of electricity," he said.

Commenting on the gas supply situation, in which Germany faces its first winter without Russian fuel in five decades, Krebber said that everything rests on the temperature.

"Germany did the best it could, households and industry saved gas. And the temperatures in October were so mild that there was almost no need for storage. But that's not all. We have no reserves at all," Krebber said.

Author - Olena Madiak, 10/12/2022

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