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Trump's main rival DeSantis is running for president

May 25, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has officially announced his participation in the Republican Party's primary for the US presidential nomination.


It is noted that DeSantis announced his decision in a statement to the Federal Election Commission, released on Wednesday.

44-year-old DeSantis is considered Trump's strongest competitor in the Republican Party. Despite his far-right views, he has attracted considerable interest among voters as a younger version of Trump.

According to opinion polls, almost as many people are ready to vote for DeSantis as for former US President Donald Trump. He will be Trump's main rival in the Republican primary.

However, Trump is supported by most US conservatives. At the beginning of March, the former president was significantly ahead of his closest rival, DeSantis: 62% to 20% among conservative conference participants.

Exactly one month ago, on April 24, US President Joe Biden officially announced that he would run for the presidential election to be held on November 5, 2024. He announced it on Twitter.

"Every generation has a moment when it has to defend democracy. To defend its fundamental freedoms. I believe this is ours. That is why I am running for re-election as President of the United States. Please join us. Let's get the job done," Biden wrote.

According to CNN, Biden's official statement put an end to any doubts about his intentions and kicked off a contest that could escalate into a rematch with his rival, former US President Donald Trump.

"He's entering the race with a strong legislative record but low approval ratings, a conundrum his advisors have not been able to solve. As the oldest president in history (Biden is now 80 years old - ed.), he also faces constant questions about his age," the channel wrote.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 25/05/2023

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