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Hungary bans imports of agricultural products from Ukraine

Apr 16, 2023

Hungary has temporarily banned imports of grains, oilseeds, and some other agricultural products from Ukraine.


According to Censor.NET, this was reported by 24.hu with reference to the Minister of Agriculture Istvan Nagy.

"The government is committed to representing the interests of Hungarian farmers, and in the absence of effective measures from the European Union, it, like Poland, will temporarily ban the import of grains and oilseeds from Ukraine and some other agricultural products to Hungary," Istvan Nagy said.

According to him, this restriction will last until June 30, 2023. During this time, the European Union will be able to find a solution to the current situation, as the continuation of current market trends will cause serious damage to Hungarian agriculture. According to Nagy, Ukrainian agriculture, which operates with production practices that are no longer allowed in the EU and, as a result, with extremely low production costs, has started exporting large quantities of poultry, eggs, and honey to the European market, in addition to grains and oilseeds. This made it impossible for Hungarian and Central European farmers to sell their products.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 16/04/2023

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