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Italy announces readiness to transfer SAMP/T air defense systems to Ukraine

Jun 11, 2024

According to RBC-Ukraine, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said this during the Conference on Ukraine's Recovery in Berlin.


The official agreed with the view that the primary strategy for Ukraine's recovery is to protect infrastructure and buildings with an air defense system.

"That's why I want to inform you that Italy is ready to send a new military package with SAMP/T for Ukraine's air defense," Tayani emphasized.

According to the Italian Foreign Minister, his country is ready to provide Ukraine not only with military assistance, but also support in other areas.

"There is another piece of news. A new package of 140 million euros for infrastructure, railways, healthcare, agri-food, humanitarian and demining activities. This is the latest decision of the Italian government," the minister said.

Author - Dmitriy Levchenko, 11/06/2024

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