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Latvia donates water treatment plant for Kherson region

Aug 7, 2023

On Monday, the Riga City Council and the Tev Association announced that a Latvian-made water treatment plant was sent to Ukraine to help the Kherson region, where hundreds of thousands of people were left without access to drinking water after the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant dam.

This was reported by the LSM TV and radio company.

By filtering the water, the plant cleans it from both chemical and microbiological contaminants - up to 99.5%. The total volume of water that the machine can hold is 5,000 liters, and it can purify 2,000 liters per hour.

This is the first large station of this type to be delivered to Ukraine. It took about a month to manufacture.


This project was fully funded by the Riga City Council, with a total cost of about 49 thousand euros.

Reno Brinkis, a board member of the Tev Association, said: "About two months ago, they [Riga City Council] voted to allocate 100 thousand [euros] to the Tev Association, half of which we have already spent, and some time ago we sent a special boat full of all kinds of tools, suitcases for water filtration. We spent half of it, and this is the other half."

Mr. Brinkis also said that the charity portal Ziedot.lv has started collecting donations for another water purification system of the same type.

Ambassador of Ukraine to Latvia Anatoliy Kutsevol noted that he was very pleased with the assistance of the Tev Association and the Riga City Council: "I am really very glad that we have such a mobile water purification system, which will be useful

Author - Olena Madiak, 07/08/2023

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