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Lithuania hands over anti-drone equipment and drones to Ukraine

May 17, 2024

Lithuania has announced a new package of military assistance to Ukraine, which includes ammunition, anti-drones, drones, generators, and other equipment. This was reported on the website of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense.

“Lithuania continues to provide uninterrupted military support to Ukraine,” the ministry emphasized.

Ammunition of 5.56×45 mm caliber, generators with a capacity of 100 kW, and cots will also be transferred.

“Lithuania's support for Ukraine is long-term and already amounts to one billion euros. Lithuania has provided Ukraine with military support worth about 616 million euros. During this year, support has already been provided for about 95 million euros, and it is expected that this support dynamics will continue,” the ministry said.

They also emphasized that support for Ukraine is long-term and has already reached one billion euros. Of this, about 616 million euros is military aid.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 18/05/2024

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