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Lithuania has agreed on an updated plan to cover the state border

Jun 27, 2023

The Ministers of Defense and Interior of Lithuania have finally agreed on an updated plan to cover the state border.

This was stated by the Minister of the Interior of Lithuania Agne Bilotaite, LRT reports.

"I am very pleased that today we have finally agreed with the Minister of Defense on the final version of the updated cover plan, the draft should be submitted to the government in the near future, and the government should approve it at the next meeting," the minister said.


According to her, an agreement has been reached that in case of different levels of threat, both the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the army will be automatically involved in protecting the state border.

"Then there will be no need for separate coordination, i.e., a long bureaucratic process because we all understand that in case of threats, we must respond immediately to ensure the security of our state," she said.

Both Bilotaite and Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anušauskas said they could not disclose the details of the plan because it is not a public document.

Author - Olena Madiak, 27/06/2023

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