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Lithuania starts confiscating cars with Russian license plates

Mar 2, 2024

Lithuania has warned owners and drivers of cars with Russian license plates about the permissible period of stay of such vehicles not registered in the country and the European Union until March 11. Starting from that date, the respective cars will be confiscated.


The ministry said in a statement that there are still people in Lithuania who drive cars registered in Russia.

"By March 11, they must either register their vehicles in Lithuania or leave the EU," the country's customs service said in a statement.

According to the statement, from March 11, persons who have cars with Russian license plates will be considered to have violated the provisions of the law and "will be held liable under Article 515 of the Administrative Code, which provides for a fine and confiscation of the car."

The customs service reminded that Lithuania implements Council of Europe Regulation no. 833/2014, the requirements of the sanctions, which allowed to register cars that entered the European Union until December 19, 2023. Starting March 11, 2024, cars registered in the Russian Federation cannot be in Lithuania or must be re-registered before then.

It is also noted that the exception applies to Russian citizens traveling in transit to or from the Kaliningrad region in vehicles registered in Russia under a simplified travel document (SPD).

"Such transit through the territory of Lithuania cannot last longer than 24 hours. During transit, the vehicle must be accompanied by its owner. If the owner is not in the car, the vehicle will not be allowed to enter the territory of Lithuania," the customs added.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 03/03/2024

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