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Lithuanian Parliament Restricts Russians' Right to Buy Real Estate

Apr 4, 2023

On Tuesday, the Lithuanian Seimas passed a bill on sanctions against citizens of Russia and Belarus, which, among other things, imposes restrictions on the purchase of the real estate by Russians in the country.

This is stated in a statement by the Seimas.

The adopted law is intended to enshrine the restrictions on Russians and Belarusians in a separate document, as they are currently operating in Lithuania under the legal regime of the state of emergency, which is constantly being extended.


The draft law provides for strengthening the right of Russian citizens to purchase real estate in Lithuania. Exceptions will apply only to Russians who have a permanent residence permit or become owners of real estate in the country by inheritance.

The law also provides for restrictions related to the granting of e-resident status: after the amendments to the law are adopted, the electronic identification and electronic signatures of Russian and Belarusian citizens will be revoked. Exceptions will apply only to persons holding a permanent residence permit in Lithuania.

Author - Olena Madiak, 04/04/2023

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