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Lukashenko tells how he persuaded Putin not to kill Prigozhin

Jun 28, 2023

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told how he was contacted by President of the fascist Russian Federation Putin during the riot of Wagnerian leader Yevgeny Prigozhin in Russia. He did so during the official ceremony of awarding general's epaulets to the Belarusian military on June 27.


According to Lukashenka, he was informed on the morning of June 24 that Putin wanted to talk to him. During the phone conversation, the Russian president told him in detail about the events that were unfolding in Russia at the time.

"I also realized that a brutal decision had been made to kill. I suggested that Putin take his time. Let's talk to Prigozhin and his commanders, I said. He said: "Listen, Sasha, it's useless," the self-proclaimed president of Belarus said.

Putin allegedly said that Prigozhin was not picking up the phone and would not engage in a dialog. The formal leader of Belarus claims that he announced his intention to contact the founder of the PMC Wagner, after which Putin advised him to contact the FSB.

"I said: "How do I contact him? Give me his phone number." He said: "Most likely, the FSB has a phone". We checked. By the middle of the day, we had set up three channels through which we could talk to Rostov," Lukashenka said.

He also noted that Prigozhin had already left Russia for Belarus. The country wants to accept the Wagnerians as well. They have been given security guarantees.

"Yes, indeed, he (the founder of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin - ed.) is in Belarus today. As I promised, if you want to stay with us for some time and more, we will help you. Of course, at their (Wagner's) expense," Lukashenka said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 28/06/2023

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