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Melnyk urged Berlin to speed up the debate on fighter jets

Feb 14, 2023

Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Melnyk assumes that Germany will supply fighter jets to Ukraine and calls for a quick solution to this issue.

He said this on the air of the TV channel ARD, reports Tagesschau.

"German experts also say that Germany will deliver fighter jets, it is only a matter of time," he said.

But the longer the debate on this issue continues, the harder it will be for Ukraine to liberate Russian-occupied territories, he said.

"We hope that the Germans, that the federal government will not draw red lines now (...) but will get down to what is important for us," Melnyk stressed, adding that "the time factor is very important".

"The time factor is crucial," he noted.

The longer the fighter jet debate drags on and Ukrainian pilots don't learn, the more new tanks Russian President Vladimir Putin can send to the front.

He suggested that, as in the case of battle tanks, a European-Transatlantic alliance of fighters would be created.

Author - Olena Madiak, 14/02/2023

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