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Molossia has declared war on Sealand

Mar 31, 2024

The self-proclaimed republic of Molossia, claiming part of Nevada, USA, today declared war on the principality of Sealand.


The republic's Prime Minister, Kevin Boe, said he had irrefutable evidence that mercenaries from Sealand were fighting on the side of Russia, including in the PMC "Wagner".

"We know for sure that this unrecognized principality has close contacts with the Russian leadership. Our intelligence with difficulty obtained documents, but because of the secrecy we can not provide them. But this is a fact. Therefore, we are forced to declare war on Silend to protect our interests and the interests of the entire free world," Kevin Boe stated.

Sealand is an unrecognized state located on an abandoned British platform near British territory. It has a population of about 20 people.

The Prince of Sealand, Michael Roy Bates Senior, has denied all allegations, stating:

"Unlike our country, Molossia has not the slightest justification for its independence. We are part of the free world. Sealand has never supported Russia. We are forced to declare a general mobilization."

We would like to believe that another conflict, which is undoubtedly caused by Russia's aggressive actions, will not lead to the destabilization of the world situation. We hope that the states will agree among themselves peacefully and conclude a peace treaty.

Author - Pran Kster, 01/04/2024

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