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NATO discusses the possibility of taking the sky under protection

May 27, 2024

NATO is discussing the possibility of protecting the skies over western Ukraine. Poland is the initiator of the "enhanced air defense", but there is no final decision yet, Bild reported on Monday, May 27.

The publication notes that some NATO countries are ready to expand their support for Kyiv and act directly on the territory of Ukraine.


Estonia, the United Kingdom, Poland, Canada, Lithuania, and France are in favor of expanding aid. The United States and Germany are against it. There are no final decisions yet, but negotiations are ongoing in several areas.

In particular, they are discussing the training of Ukrainian soldiers by NATO instructors on the territory of Ukraine.

Also, according to journalists, a number of NATO countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and Estonia, are ready to deliver weapons and ammunition not only to the borders of Ukraine but also further to the front line in the future. Several Western countries are currently developing the concept of "advanced logistics."

Author - Ihor Lontkivskyi 27.05.24

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