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Nausėda: Lithuania's duty is to isolate the Belarusian regime

Jun 20, 2023

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda believes that it is the duty of his country and the entire community to isolate the Lukashenko regime and impose tough sanctions against it.

Nausėda said this in his annual report presented on Tuesday, Delfi reports.

In the report, the Lithuanian president focused on the situation in Belarus, which is increasingly dependent on Russia. According to him, Lithuania's neighboring country requires special attention when it comes to security.

"The regime of this country has driven itself into a web of dependence on Russia and is now allowing it to digest itself. At the same time, Belarus is disappearing. This has already led to the construction of the dangerous Belarusian nuclear power plant and crimes against humanity in Bucha and Irpin, where killers in the uniform of the Russian army came from Belarus," Nausėda said.


According to him, the human rights situation in Belarus is rapidly deteriorating.

"Opposition leaders have been detained, party activities are being persecuted, and torture has become the norm. Independent media have been destroyed, active civil society organizations have been closed. The death penalty for terrorist attacks has become a mace of control for a totalitarian society," he added.

Nausėda expressed his belief that Lithuania should isolate the Minsk regime.

"It is the duty of the international community, and Lithuania at the same time, to isolate the Belarusian regime and apply tough international sanctions. We must push for the release and rehabilitation of political prisoners in this country, as well as transparent and democratic elections," Nausėda said.

Author - Olena Madiak, 20/06/2023

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