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Nine powerful explosions occurred in Belgorod

Mar 31, 2023

Nine powerful explosions occurred in the sky at once in the center of the Russian city of Belgorod. According to the RIA Novosti propaganda outlet, citing its correspondent at the scene, the explosions allegedly occurred at 22:10 local time and continued at intervals for 20 minutes.


It is specified that during the explosions, windows in the buildings shook and car alarms went off.

Presumably, the air defense was activated. However, there have been no official comments so far.

Local Telegram channels published a video of the fire, which, as noted, started after the "arrivals". The area of the fire reached 250 square meters.

However, later it was reported that the video showed a fire in St. Petersburg, so it is unclear whether the explosions were in two cities or only in Belgorod, and in St. Petersburg there was just a fire.

We should add that the explosions began in Belgorod at the time when Russian fascists launched 6 S-300 missiles at Kharkiv from this city.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 31/03/2023

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