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PMC "Wagner" is not currently fighting at the front

Jun 29, 2023

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar confirmed that mercenaries of the Russian PMC Wagner are not currently fighting at the front.

"Wagner is really not fighting at the moment. Not only airborne assault troops and professionals but also those who, as they say, "have not been tested by this war", units, have been trained. And they are indeed suffering losses. But we must pay tribute to the professionalism of our military: the task is to destroy the enemy as much as possible," Malyar said during a telethon on Wednesday, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

At the same time, the deputy minister said that the situation at the front was not affected by the "Wagnerian mutiny".

"But I must say that when the military plans its offensive and defensive actions, it takes into account the factor that political instability has begun in Russia and that there is already competition between different clans and special services," Malyar added.

She also urged "not to harbor any illusions about Russia and not to think that they have limits, or that the EU borders can stop them." The deputy minister emphasized that it should be taken into account that Russians "can move to the European Union if they are not stopped here."

"And given the fact that their PMCs are still out of control, anything can happen," she said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 29/06/2023

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