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Putin hoped that the AFU would remove Zelensky from the presidency

Feb 17, 2023

According to Putin's plan, Ukrainians were supposed to rejoice in the occupation.

Lieutenant General, founder of the charity foundation "Let's Close the Skies of Ukraine" Ihor Romanenko believes that at the beginning of the war, Russian dictator Putin hoped that the Armed Forces would rebel against the legitimate government in Ukraine, and Ukrainians would welcome the occupiers "with flowers and hugs."


He said this on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

"Putin made many mistakes, namely, he overestimated Russia's capabilities, underestimated Ukraine and its political leadership. According to his plan, Zelenskyy and the government were supposed to flee, and Ukrainians were supposed to welcome the occupiers. Putin also underestimated the capabilities of the European Union. Putin's plan was that Europe would remain silent again, as it was after Georgia and Crimea," the general explained.

Ihor Romanenko also noted that Putin twice asked the Armed Forces to overthrow the legitimate government in Ukraine. And he was counting on the fact that it was real.

"Putin thought that all the conditions for an attack had been created in Ukraine, money had been spent on an agent network so that he would be welcomed here with flowers and hugs. That's why Putin twice asked the Armed Forces to overthrow the political elite, saying that he would be grateful for it. You have to be so ignorant of the situation in Ukraine. He trusted the FSB, and they wanted to confirm any wishes of their leader. It doesn't make us feel better, but the time will come when Russians will suffer too," said the lieutenant general.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 17/02/2023

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