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Putin's support in RF could collapse if Trump doesn't win in the US

Mar 31, 2024

The Russian population may turn against its leader Vladimir Putin, as the country's economic power is falling and Western sanctions against Russia continue to intensify. About this writes Business Insider. The publication refers to interlocutors in economic circles.


According to their forecasts, Russia's economic power is likely to decline this year. At the same time, Western sanctions will complicate the lives of ordinary Russians. Restrictions are likely to be tightened if Joe Biden is re-elected as US President in November.

"Russia has now weathered the impact of Western sanctions, but the nation could see a tipping point in November's U.S. presidential election. ... The event is likely to continue support for Ukraine, then if President Joe Biden is re-elected, sanctions against Russia will intensify," the article reads.

According to media interlocutors, people in the Russian Federation are now living the life they are accustomed to, "but this is a completely unsustainable strategy and the underlying fundamental growth drivers of this economy are deteriorating before our eyes, and if Trump is not elected, all of this will come to the surface - the house of cards will collapse."

"The measure could deal a potentially devastating blow to the Russian economy if it goes beyond the oil trade and imposes sanctions on Russian steel, copper, and other metal goods, which account for about 20 percent of the country's total income. Russia's standard of living is already falling at this time. Civilian infrastructure is crumbling, in part because Russia is spending too much on its war. Inflation in Russia is also high. There will be mass unrest when people in Russia realize that Putin's promised path to victory will not materialize as he promises," the piece says.

What's stopping Biden from tightening sanctions now, even before the election? The current sanctions are not working, the Russian economy is not collapsing.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 01/04/2024

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