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Putin starts threatening Latvia

Dec 5, 2023

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin began threatening Latvia this evening, December 4. The reason for this was the alleged "oppression of the Russian-speaking population."


RBC-Ukraine reported this with reference to the dictator's statement.

"I do not think that happiness will come to the house of those who pursue such a policy. I don't know how much now, but in Latvia, I think, 40% of the population was Russian-speaking, and probably not less now," Putin said.

Under "such a policy," Putin was referring to the so-called Russophobia, which, in his opinion, is present in Latvia.

"If they pursue such a policy towards people who wanted to live in that country, worked there, created some benefits for that country, and are treated in such a pig-like manner, then, in the end, they will face such piggishness within their own country," the dictator added.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 05/12/2023

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