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Reuters reveals the number of shells the EU has ordered for Ukraine

Dec 7, 2023

European Union countries have placed an order for another 60,000 artillery shells under an EU scheme that should help deliver 1 million rounds of ammunition to Ukraine by next spring.


RBC-Ukraine reported this regarding Reuters.

The scheme was the centerpiece of an EU initiative to increase supplies of 155mm artillery shells to Ukraine, allowing countries to place orders with industry through contracts signed by the bloc's European Defense Agency (EDA).

A broader initiative launched in March offered various schemes to supply 1 million shells and missiles to Ukraine for a year.

Together, these schemes provided about 480,000 rounds of ammunition, less than half of the target, according to the EU.

In a sign of concern about the low volume of orders, the draft declaration for next week's EU summit "underlines the urgent need to accelerate the supply of missiles and ammunition, in particular through the initiative to deliver one million artillery rounds."

The EAA did not specify the size of the latest order from the EU, but anonymous sources told Reuters that the total amount was only 60,000 rounds.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 07/12/2023

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