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Russia-backed militants shell Kostyantynivka with artillery again

Apr 16, 2023

On April 15, the Russian military shelled Kostyantynivka in Donetsk Oblast. This was reported by the head of Kostyantynivka MVA Oleksiy Roslov.


He noted that an artillery shell hit near a pharmacy in the city center. The head of the community also said that another shell hit the roof of a multi-story residential building,

"As of 18:30, three civilians were wounded as a result of numerous attacks: 30- and 44-year-old women who were in a pharmacy during the shelling, as well as a 31-year-old man who was near one of the city's shopping centers," Anastasia Medvedeva, a spokeswoman for the Donetsk regional prosecutor's office, told Suspilne.

According to her, commercial facilities, cars, and private and apartment buildings were damaged in the city.

According to Oleksiy Roslov, head of the MVA, the wounded are undergoing outpatient treatment.

"The Russian military shelled the community three times: at 14:15. There was also a shelling at 15:20-15:30 - without any deaths or injuries. And at 17:30, the village of Predtechino was shelled, without injuries or deaths," noted Roslov.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 16/04/2023

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