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Russia confirms the deaths of the 16,000 Russian soldiers in the war

Mar 4, 2023

The Russian service of the BBC has identified 16,071 Russian soldiers who died in the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war. According to the publication, Russian losses continue to grow.


This is reported by the Russian service of the BBC

In total, according to the newspaper, it was possible to confirm the death of 16,071 Russian soldiers. A third of all these losses are among those who were not associated with the army before the invasion. These are volunteers, mobilized, prisoners and mercenaries of the PMC.

"We rely only on confirmed reports of deaths, so the data collected does not reflect the actual level of casualties," the BBC wrote.

Over the past week, the BBC's Russian service, together with the Mediaphone publication, has confirmed the names of another 935 people killed.

Throughout 2022, Russian sources usually reported 250-300 deaths every week. However, these numbers doubled in January and continued to grow in February.

Also, the total irrecoverable losses of the Russian Federation, i.e. wounded, killed or missing, may amount to at least 144,500 people.

It is noted that this figure is based on the observations of the US Center for Naval Analysis, according to which for every Russian soldier killed during the war in Ukraine, there are on average about three and a half wounded. This figure does not include those who fought on the side of Russia as part of the "people's militias" in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 04/03/2023

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