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Russia is building fortifications in occupied Crimea

Dec 28, 2022

Russia has started the construction of engineering fortifications in occupied Crimea in case of hostilities. A defensive line is being built along the western coast of the peninsula, consisting of trenches, trenches, anti-tank pyramids and minefields.


This is reported by Censor.NET with reference to Radio Liberty.

The first reports of digging trenches on the Crimean coast appeared on December 9. It was about the settlements of Chornomorske, Mizhvodne, Severne.

The next day, the Krymsky Veter telegram channel published photos and videos of the dug trenches. A comparison of the photos with street panoramas on the "Yandex.Maps" service confirms that the shooting location is indeed in the village of Chornomorske, near house number 56 on Ozerna Street.

However, the occupation authorities stressed that the trenches are being dug for the planned laying of communications.

"Children's beach, where excavation works are being carried out, is the second most important in the village. The infrastructure there is really lame, there is no water. Therefore, the administration decided to extend a water pipe to the recreation area," - the publication states.

However, judging by the pictures, the trenches have a characteristic zigzag shape. This is how ditches that are created for the defense of the area usually look like. In addition, last year, the village beach was reconstructed.

The desire to dig trenches on the village beach may be due to the fact that in the immediate vicinity of the beach there are military facilities: former air defense positions, an abandoned separate missile technical unit (military unit A-2091), the territory of the former 296th Constantine missile boat division, as well as former positions for the deployment of S-200 missile systems.

On December 15, the construction of coastal barriers was spotted 55 kilometers from Chornomorske, on the beach on the outskirts of the village of Molochne, Saky district. This was confirmed by Ukrainian intelligence.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 28/12/2022

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