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Russia lacks electricity due to supplies to the occupied territories

Sep 28, 2023

Russia restricts electricity exports to the south due to a lack of free capacity in the Kuban caused by the need to supply energy to the temporarily occupied regions.


Ukrinform reported this.

As noted, the potential volume of Russian exports is 1 GW, mainly to Turkey with the highest energy prices. However, in the summer, dispatchers reduced supplies to zero during daytime hours due to energy supply to the temporarily occupied regions of Ukraine, as well as repairs and heat.

In the fall, the situation improved, but at some hours exports abroad, including to the largest power systems of Georgia and Turkey, are reduced to zero.

Experts note that there are no prospects for improving the situation with the energy balance in the United Energy System of the South. If the current trends continue, in 2024 the lack of power capacity in the southwest of the IPS of the South may amount to 219 MW, and in 2029 - already 857 MW.

It is emphasized that the energy deficit arises due to the connection of new consumers and supplies to the occupied territories. Russian experts propose to build a new 307-338 MW generation facility in the occupied Crimea

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 29/09/2023

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