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Russian counterattack attempts near Bakhmut and Orikhiv failed

Sep 25, 2023

Attempts by Russians to retake the territories liberated by the Ukrainian army near Bakhmut and Orikhove failed. The Russian army is able to defend itself, but cannot attack.

This was reported by the UK Ministry of Defense on Twitter.


As noted in the report, over the past week, Russian troops have made concerted efforts to conduct local counterattacks against the offensive of Ukrainian forces in both Orikhiv and Bakhmut directions.

"In both areas, Ukrainian forces have defeated the Russian attacks and maintained their hold on recently liberated territory," the statement says.

Comments published by the Russian military community indicate extreme frustration among those involved in these counterattacks, especially in the Bakhmut area, with reports of "ill-conceived" offensives, lack of artillery support, and heavy casualties.

According to British intelligence, over the past nine months, Russian troops in Ukraine have proven their ability to conduct decisive defensive operations.

"However, they continue to demonstrate only minimal offensive capabilities. Commanders are finding it difficult to organize complex joint operations, concentrate sufficient artillery ammunition and maintain high morale and offensive spirit," the British Ministry of Defense said.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 25/09/2023

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