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Russian Federation depletes its stockpile of cruise missiles

Nov 17, 2022

British intelligence believes that Russia has to deplete its stock of cruise missiles in order to carry out massive missile strikes on Ukraine.

According to the European Pravda, this is stated in the review of the British Ministry of Defense on the war in Ukraine for October 17.


British intelligence estimates that during the latest massive strike on Nov. 15, Russia fired as many as 80 missiles at Ukraine, targeting mostly power grid facilities across Ukraine, in what appears to be the most extensive attack of the war. The missiles were launched from land- and sea-based installations and from aircraft.

It is noted that much of it was successfully shot down by air defense, but the strikes still caused significant problems for the power grid and sometimes heat and water supplies.

"Continued strikes on this scale severely deplete Russian reserves of conventional cruise missiles. The destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure was a key element of Russia's strategic approach to the campaign," British Intelligence states.

Author - Olena Madiak, 17/11/2022

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