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Russian influence is a real danger for the Western Balkans

Dec 8, 2022

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama considers Russia's influence on the Western Balkans to be very real and called for greater efforts towards its European integration.

He said this while speaking at a summit in Brussels on Wednesday, Euractiv reported.

Rama said that countries in the region should "be together" and that Serbia needs to join a standard policy toward Russia. He added that the Russian danger and influence are genuine in many countries.

"In Albania, nobody wants to know about Russia anymore because they had Stalin before the '90s. They got rid of him before, and now he's coming in through the back door, so the region has to stick together and stay together," he said.

Rama insisted that the Western Balkans region be more involved in EU politics, particularly in mechanisms of approach that do not depend on individual objectives.

Author - Olena Madiak, 08/12/2022

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