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Russian nuclear blackmail will not weaken support for Ukraine

Apr 1, 2023

The Russian Federation will not be able to prevent its allies from supporting Ukraine even through nuclear blackmail.


James Cariuki, the United Kingdom's permanent representative to the UN Security Council, said this during a meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss Russian President Vladimir Putin's threats to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, Ukrinform reports.

"President Putin's announcement of March 25 (about his intention to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus - ed.) is another attempt to intimidate and coerce. It hasn't worked before and it won't work in the future. We will continue to support Ukraine's efforts to defend itself," said Kariuki.

He emphasized that during the war in Ukraine, only Russia is raising the issue of the possible use of nuclear weapons.

"We will strongly support the people of Ukraine and call on Russia to reduce tensions. This should start with stopping this illegal and unprovoked invasion," the diplomat said.

Kariuki also called on the President of Belarus "to refuse to support Russia's reckless actions that lead to escalation."

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 01/04/2023

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