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Russian officers defect to Ukraine without publicity

Oct 2, 2023

Russian officers who have very important information go over to the side of Ukraine quietly. That is, no one discloses information about such cases.


This was stated by Yaroslav Bozhko, Head of the Center for Political Studies "Doktryna", a political consultant, during the talk show "For the Time Being" on the YouTube channel "We are Ukraine".

"Cases when the West publicizes the defection of Russian officers to their side are only a part of the total number of such cases. Why? In intelligence practice, this is done only with lower-level officers who are known to have no significant strategic data and who need to be used in a different way. And so they are used as a source of dissemination of certain information. The testimony that this officer will give will most likely be replicated by the Western media.
They are not a serious blow to Russia's aggressive policy and its perception of the West. But still, the most common situation is when a person with very deep secrets defects to the West and undergoes all kinds of checks there. And you will never see information in any media that such a person has defected. That is, when we talk about all these activities related to intelligence and counterintelligence, we must understand that the fact that something is published in the media is only part of the overall iceberg," Bozhko said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 03/10/2023

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