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Russian provocations involving OSCE vehicles are discussed in ORDLO

Jan 21, 2023

That's right, in ORDLO they discuss possible provocations by Russia that could be carried out both in ORDLO and on the front line.


The fact is that earlier when Russia resorted to provocations in the ORDLO, local residents either responded with "it's necessary" or played along with Russia's "Ukraine is to blame for everything, it's shelling us". Everyone who has lived in the ORDLO since 2014, from the first visits of their tamnet to Luhansk and Donetsk regions, saw "whose chickens lay the eggs," that is, they were live witnesses to all the shelling and provocations, but for some reason, they stubbornly and consistently asserted the truthfulness of Russian accusations against Ukraine, Olena Stepova writes for the IS website, UAINFO.org reports.

What kind of provocations, you may ask. There were so many, I can't remember them all. Of course, the most important of all inhuman crimes is the shelling of Donbas cities, mining of streets, scattering of "petal" mines on the streets, and so on. I will tell you about what I personally saw in the city of Sverdlovsk, Luhansk region, in 2014, when I was under occupation there.

Tanks and cars with machine guns on them drove up to the Dovzhanska-Kapitalna mine. The mine is located far from the city, in the steppes, almost on the border with Russia. At that time, Sverdlovsk was almost completely occupied, the Ukrainian Armed Forces were trying to regain their presence on the border, there were battles at the Dovzhansk and Izvarino checkpoints, but these "hot spots" were far from the mine.

The mine was then shelled. The women who were running through the glass passage between the shaft and the administrative building recalled that the machine gun was shattering windows, but when they stopped, it stopped too, did not shoot people, so there was no such command. They were just shooting at the administrative building, the walls, the barrel. When the shelling ended, everyone called their relatives in the city and told them that they had been shelled by the Ukrainian army. People came to this conclusion because each of the tanks and vehicles had a large number of Ukrainian flags on them, like at a parade. I found whole packages of Yarosh's business cards scattered in the place where they were standing.

It was impossible to reach people. I said that flags in our city could be collected from schools, vocational schools, village councils, and business cards could be printed, but no one heard me. Only a year later I found out that it was true. The flags were provided by the Sverdlovsk Party of Regions, and the business cards were printed by a local printing house owned by a member of the local council from the Party of Regions.

Then there was another staged provocation with the shelling of a mine bus, but the driver ruined all the plans of the propagandists when he told how he could not fulfill his role from the 10th take on camera. Then they took drastic actions, and the mine bus was simply shot at from a tank with people in it, there were many dead and, of course, "witnesses" who definitely saw the Right Sector on a tank with German crosses.

Provocations can be different, this is war, we must remember that. It can be an informational provocation, a military provocation, a provocation with hostages, disguises, using prisoners of war, etc.

80% of the destruction in ORDLO was caused by provocative shelling by Russia, which made a high-quality bloody picture for the residents, "Ukraine has been bombing Donbas for 8 years." When we talked about this, the residents of ORDLO, who were defending Russia, immediately asked us "why would she do that?"

We, of course, answered that it was necessary to create fear of Ukraine and trust in Russia, but later the picture became clearer - for the cohesive mobilization of the residents of the ORDLO. Well, the fact that now we hear "it looks like Russia is preparing provocations" from the ORDLO is an indication that there are changes in the minds of the residents of the ORDLO, I will not say that these are pro-Ukrainian changes, not yet, it is just fear.

Just fear against the background of experience and knowledge. That is, in the mind of an average resident of ORDLO, there is only one picture of "Russia killing and making bloody provocations," even if they do not let go of this picture and replace it with the common lie "this is Ukraine." But fear does its job, so the residents of ORDLO began to notice all the nuances of the Russians and try to protect themselves.

What is even more interesting is that the photo with OSCE vehicles in Luhansk and on the border with Russia was taken by far from pro-Ukrainian residents of the ORDLO. The photo appeared in pro-Russian, separatist publics, but the question "what is happening is likely to be provocative".

That is, pro-Russian citizens and members of terrorist groups and their admirers themselves understand the price of paying for their loyalty to Russia and their choice in 2014.

It is clear that provocations will not improve the situation in ORDLO, but will only deepen the destruction of local residents by Russians.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 21/01/2023

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