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Russian woman to be tried in Germany for endorsing war

Mar 9, 2023

A Cologne court will consider a case against Russian citizen Yelena Kolbasnikova, who faces imprisonment on charges of war propaganda for publicly endorsing Russia's full-scale aggression against Ukraine.

A representative of the court said this in a comment to DW.

Kolbasnikova is accused under Article 140, paragraph 2, of the German Criminal Code, because during a pro-Russian demonstration on May 8, 2022, she endorsed an aggressive war against Ukraine, the court explained.


According to the conclusion of the Cologne prosecutor's office, Kolbasnikova committed a crime because she made the statement at the rally: "Russia is not an aggressor. Russia is now helping to end the war in Ukraine." Thus, according to the prosecutor's office, the accused approved the crime with words that could disturb public order.

According to international law, waging an aggressive war is a crime, and anyone who endorses it risks three years in prison in Germany. A more likely punishment, however, is a fine, DW notes.

Author - Olena Madiak, 09/03/2023

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