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Russians are preparing to deport 750 more children

Jun 21, 2023

The Russian invaders are preparing to deport 750 more children from the occupied Luhansk region, and are currently forming groups. This was reported by the head of the Luhansk regional military administration Artem Lysohor in a Telegram message.

"We are currently receiving information that the invaders are forming groups of so-called "pioneers" to take 750 more children. There is no information about the previously taken children. We are trying to document all the children and get information about their return or whereabouts through our channels," said Lysogor.

According to him, the occupation "authorities" reported that doctors from the Russian Federation found "pathologies" in 70% of schoolchildren in order to send them to Russia for treatment.

"In Stanytsia Luhanska, they offer children and their mothers to go to vacation camps, scaring them with 'shelling from Ukraine'. They blackmail them by saying that "if the child does not get better, we will not let him or her go to school," noted Lisogor.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 21/06/2023

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