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Russians are using timber from the Tver region for defense structures

Sep 19, 2023

Russian invaders are bringing timber from the Tver region to build a defense line in the Melitopol area.


This was reported by the Telegram channel RIA-Melitopol.

Gauleiter Balytsky even reported that the timber imported from Russia will be used to build dugouts for the military. The traitor plans to turn the city of Melitopol into an outpost of the south of Ukraine captured by the Nazis.

"Outside the city of Tokmak, towards Melitopol, the occupiers are digging defensive structures in the lowlands. There were no trenches there before. The orcs are building defenses along the landings along the line from the villages of Hryshyne, Kozoluhivka, to the villages of Zaporizhzhia and Vesele," the statement said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 19/09/2023

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