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Russians cannot win with quality, so they take quantity

May 19, 2023

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar said in Telegrams that the pace of the Ukrainian military's advance near Bakhmut has slowed down, but they are successfully repelling all attacks by Russian invaders.

"The enemy cannot win with quality, so they take with quantity. The Russians are trying to prolong the occupation by increasing the presence of troops in the Bakhmut direction by several thousand people. The enemy also uses the advantage of heavy artillery and the number of shells.

Russian attacks continue at the cost of heavy losses, which are incomparably higher than those of the Armed Forces.

In Bakhmut itself, the enemy is turning buildings into ashes, leaving only the foundations, which cannot be defended. At the same time, our defenders are holding the borders of the "Airplane" district in the western part of the town.

Malyar noted that in the suburbs of Bakhmut today the pace of advance of our troops has been somewhat reduced. At the same time, the enemy is not able to regain the lost positions. Our soldiers are repelling all enemy attacks in this area.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 20/05/2023

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