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Russians held an "interesting meeting" two weeks before the invasion

Sep 30, 2023

Two weeks before the invasion of Ukraine, the Russians held an "interesting meeting". The occupiers were not sure that Kharkiv would not resist the war of aggression.


This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the head of the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense, Kyrylo Budanov, for Dmytro Komarov's project "Year. Kharkiv Region".

According to Budanov, the Russians believed that Kharkiv was waiting for "liberators," so they would not resist. The invaders planned to quickly capture the city without resistance.

However, two weeks before the invasion, doubts began to arise among Russia's military and political leaders.

"Two weeks before all these events began, there was an interesting meeting where they once again started discussing whether everything was ready [for a full-scale invasion]. And there was a certain uncertainty that everyone there was waiting for Russian soldiers so much," Budanov said.

According to him, this meeting also raised the question of where the money that was allocated for the war against Ukraine went. Budanov added that huge funds for preparing for the war were simply plundered by the Russians.

"The question was raised - where were the funds spent for so many years? At the next meeting, everyone said: you know, everything is ready, we need to go in," said the DIU chief.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 01/10/2023

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