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Russians loot school museums in the occupied territories

Jul 13, 2023

Russian occupation administrations have begun to remove exhibits related to the history of Ukraine from the collections of school museums in the temporarily occupied territories.


According to Ukrinform, this was reported by the Center for National Resistance.

"Yes, officially it is presented as "public monitoring of school museums", which is allegedly carried out by activists of Putin's United Russia party, together with "concerned schoolchildren". However, in reality, the inspection is carried out by collaborators from the occupation administrations under the supervision of an FSB officer. The main task is to seize Ukrainian symbols and literature, if any, and create a new museum," the statement reads.

In such "museums", the central place will be occupied by expositions dedicated to natives of the region who either served in the NKVD or were ideological communist figures.

"That is, in fact, the occupiers are unifying all school museums in the occupied territories so that they are no different from a conventional school museum somewhere in Barnaul. Thus, this is an element of both propaganda among children and another method of destroying Ukrainian identity in the region," the National Center for National Defense notes.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 13/07/2023

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