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Scholz on the meeting in Saudi Arabia on Ukraine: Only the beginning

Aug 14, 2023

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called the meeting in Saudi Arabia on Ukraine very important and called for the continuation of international negotiations on ways to stop Russian aggression against Ukraine.


Source: Scholz in a summer interview with the ZDF channel, according to Yevropeiska Pravda concerning ntv.

The Chancellor called the meeting in Saudi Arabia last weekend "very important".

According to him, this is "really just the beginning."

However, talks at the level of foreign policy advisers are something special. According to the Chancellor, more countries, including China, took part in them.

"So it makes sense to continue these talks because they very specifically increase the pressure on Russia to realize that it is on the wrong track and must withdraw its troops, and then peace will be possible," Scholz said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 14/08/2023

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