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Shell continues to sell Russian gas

Jul 3, 2023

The British oil and gas company Shell has been trading Russian gas for more than a year after promising to withdraw from the Russian energy market.


According to Ukrinform, this was reported by the BBC.

According to the analysis of the Global Witness group, last year Shell participated in almost an eighth of Russia's gas exports by ship.

The company said that the agreements with Russia were the result of "long-term contractual obligations" and did not violate laws or sanctions.

On May 9, a tanker carrying 160,000 cubic meters of gas, or liquefied natural gas, left the port of Sabetta on the Yamal Peninsula in far northern Russia. The cargo was purchased by Shell before being shipped to its final destination in Hong Kong.

According to the Kpler database analyzed by Global Witness, it was one of eight LNG cargoes the British company has purchased from Yamal this year.

In March 2022, Shell apologized for buying Russian oil and announced its intention to stop buying oil and gas from Russia.

The company said it would stop buying Russian oil and sell its gas stations and other businesses in Russia. Shell has ceased cooperation with the state energy giant Gazprom.

However, the company continues to receive cargoes of liquefied natural gas from two Russian ports - Yamal and Sakhalin.

Advisor to the President of Ukraine Oleh Ustenko accused the British company of financing Russian aggression.

"It's quite simple: by continuing to trade Russian gas, Shell puts money in Putin's pockets and helps finance Russia's brutal aggression against the people of Ukraine," he said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 03/07/2023

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