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Slovak Parliament confirmed the plan to stop military aid to Ukraine

Nov 21, 2023

The Slovak parliament has approved the government of Prime Minister Robert Fico, supporting a political program that promises to end state military aid to Ukraine, reduce the budget deficit, and introduce a new bank tax.

This was reported by Reuters.


Fico won the election in September with a campaign that targeted critical media, Western partners, and liberal policies, and on October 25, President Zuzana Chaputova appointed him prime minister for the fourth time.

Fico's ruling coalition brings together his leftist, socially conservative SMER-SSD party with a small leftist party and a small nationalist party.

The coalition adopted its political program last week, and the parliament backed it with a vote of confidence on November 21.

Among other things, the program includes Fico's campaign promise to end Slovakia's official military aid to Ukraine and to push for a cessation of hostilities while recognizing Ukraine's international borders.

The opposition voted against the program, citing Fico's attacks on independent media and the dismissal of high-ranking police officers who were investigating members of the new ruling coalition for bribery.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 21/11/2023

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