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Spanish Prime Minister to urge China's leader to support Ukraine

Mar 31, 2023

During his visit to Beijing, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will try to convince Chinese leader Xi Jinping to support Ukraine.

This is reported by El Pais.

Sánchez arrived in China on March 31 and considers his visit an opportunity to convince China to take a more pro-European side, particularly on the issue of Russia's war against Ukraine.


He is likely to try to convince the Chinese leader that the peace plan must demonstrate support for Ukraine, otherwise, it will be ineffective.

According to the newspaper, Madrid considers Xi Jinping's position to be decisive in resolving the war. "We have a lot of expectations, we believe that this meeting with Xi Jinping is very important," the prime minister said on the plane on his way to China.

Author - Olena Madiak, 31/03/2023

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