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The Baltic States and Poland are ready to send troops to Ukraine

May 26, 2024

The Baltic States - Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia - as well as Poland are ready to send their troops to Ukraine if Russia makes significant progress in the war and inflicts serious defeats on Kyiv.


This was reported by Der Spiegel.

Currently, Western countries provide assistance to Ukraine “without much enthusiasm”. However, the situation at the front may deteriorate significantly, and in this case, the Baltic States and Poland are not going to sit idly by, waiting for the invaders to appear at their borders.

“The Baltic States and Poland will not wait for Russian troops to appear on their borders - they will send troops to Ukraine themselves. And this will mean that NATO will become a party to the war,” the newspaper writes.

Der Spiegel journalists note that this is the scenario that the leaders of the Western world, including the United States and Germany, fear the most.

At the same time, politicians from the Baltic States have already warned their partners about the possibility of such a development.

The article also states that the German military and politicians are pessimistic about Ukraine's victory but do not take measures to provide more active assistance.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 27/05/2024

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