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The Netherlands, Belgium, and Ukraine agree on joint security actions

May 4, 2023

Ukraine has signed a joint declaration with Belgium and the Netherlands, which pledged to support Kyiv on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration and will strengthen the military capabilities of our country in every way possible.

This was announced by Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Ihor Zhovkva.

"The document covers the most important topics on the joint agenda: meeting the urgent defense needs of Ukraine, supporting the Ukrainian Peace Formula, promoting Ukraine's membership in NATO and ensuring Ukraine's security, holding Russia accountable, as well as further strengthening anti-Russian sanctions and developing a mechanism for compensation for damage caused by Russian aggression," Zhovkva wrote.


In November 2022, the leaders of Ukraine and Belgium signed a similar bilateral declaration, but in the new document, the parties significantly specified the issues of Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration and were able to fix the need to consider the issue of security guarantees during the NATO Summit in Vilnius, Zhovkva noted.

An important element of the declaration is the recognition that Ukraine's security is of great importance to the Alliance (a similar wording was included in the NATO Madrid Declaration in the context of the security of Finland and Sweden before they joined the Alliance).

Author - Olena Madiak, 04/05/2023

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