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The US is impressed by AFUs' ingenuity in using Western weapons

Jan 17, 2023

Ukraine's ingenuity has impressed U.S. officials, who praised Kyiv's ability to find unconventional solutions to its battlefield needs that fill important tactical gaps left by more sophisticated Western weapons.


CNN writes about it.

"Their innovation is just incredibly impressive," said Seth Jones, director of the international security program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

For the US military, the war in Ukraine has become a unique source of data on the effectiveness of its own weapons systems. It is noted that last fall when Ukraine liberated significant territories during counterattacks, it struck at Russian troops with artillery and missiles of American production. The artillery was often guided by a homemade system that Ukraine developed on the battlefield.

Ukrainian-made software has turned tablets and smartphones into sophisticated guidance tools that are now widely used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. A mobile app has been created that feeds satellite and other intelligence imagery into a real-time guidance algorithm that allows units on the front lines to direct fire at specific targets. U.S. officials familiar with the tool say it has proven very effective in combat.

The guidance app is one of the dozens of examples of battlefield innovations that Ukraine has developed in nearly a year of the war, often finding cheap solutions to expensive problems. For example, small plastic drones drop grenades and other ammunition on Russian troops. 3D printers make spare parts to repair heavy equipment in the field. Ordinary pickup trucks have turned into mobile rocket launchers. Sophisticated American missiles are arming old Soviet fighters. The way Ukraine used its limited stockpile of HIMARS missiles to wreak havoc on Russian commanders by striking command posts, headquarters and depots are impressive, the Pentagon official said, adding that military leaders will study the experience for years to come.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 17/01/2023

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