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Trump declares readiness to give Ukraine's territories to Russia

Mar 9, 2023

In an interview with journalist Sean Hannity, the former president said that he would have taken such a step "in the worst-case scenario." As a result, the media had to cut out at least 30 seconds of his speech.


Former US President Donald Trump said he would allow the Russian Federation to occupy part of Ukraine to avoid a full-scale war. This is stated in his new interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

During a conversation with the journalist, Donald Trump criticized current President Joe Biden for his policies and immediately noted that under his rule, the Russian Federation would not have been able to seize anything. He would have made a deal with the Kremlin, even if Ukraine had to give up some of its territories to Vladimir Putin.

"I could have made a deal. In the worst case, I could agree that they (Russia - ed.) should seize something. You know that (in Ukraine - ed.) there are certain areas that are Russian-speaking, frankly, but it would be possible to come to an agreement," the 45th US president expressed his position.

The Daily Beast noted that during the screening of excerpts of an interview with the former US president, phrases with his proposal to allow Russia to seize part of Ukraine were cut out.

Donald Trump utters words about holding peace talks: "I could do it," after which the audio recording continues to the moment when the politician is surprised that "China no longer respects the United States." At least 30 seconds of the conversation with host Sean Hannity are missing from the excerpt.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 09/03/2023

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