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UK to deploy troops in Ukraine for the first tim

Sep 30, 2023

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said that British troops would be deployed in Ukraine for the first time. These plans are being discussed with the military leadership of the countries.


According to RBC-Ukraine, he said this in an interview with The Telegraph.

According to him, he negotiated with the leadership of the British army to transfer the official training program for Ukrainian soldiers under the leadership of the UK directly to Ukraine. This is necessary in order not to rely on bases in the UK and other NATO members. He also called on British defense firms to open factories in Ukraine.

"Deploying British troops to Ukraine or providing naval support in the Black Sea would mean a significant escalation of the UK's involvement in the conflict. But Mr. Shapps' words also seem to mark a change in the government's approach to publicly discussing troop deployments," the article says.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 01/10/2023

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