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Ukraine and NATO countries are preparing to clear Black Sea of mines

Sep 18, 2023

Ukraine continues to strengthen its cooperation with NATO member states in the area of mine clearance in the Black Sea.

This is reported with reference to a statement by the Ukrainian Navy.


As noted in the Navy, international cooperation on demining Ukrainian waters is constantly increasing.

Last year, the Headquarters of the Mine Action Tactical Group took a course in mine action planning, which helped prepare personnel for coordinated cooperation.

The Navy said that all of this was conducted in accordance with NATO standards, which the Ukrainian Defense Forces are striving to fully master, and emphasized that it is the same principles that will ensure the successful completion of joint tasks and fully ensure Ukraine's security from Russia in the future.

Together with the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group, a training operation was planned to clear a simulated crisis area off the northeast coast of Scotland. The headquarters managed the mine countermeasures forces that performed the task.

Currently, Ukrainian sailors are continuing their training abroad and are actively preparing for the time when the threat of the Russian occupation fleet will be neutralized and Ukrainian waters can be cleared of mines.

"Until then, it is important to achieve full interoperability with our Western partners in accordance with NATO standards," the Navy said.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 18/09/2023

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