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Ukraine has made a "cyber defense revolution"

Jan 13, 2023

The head of the French Cyber Defense Command (COMCYBER), General Aymeric Bonnemison, said that Ukraine has managed to make a "real revolution" by advancing to the top of its cyber defense, suffering from high-level cyber attacks.

Bonnemison said this during a press conference on Thursday, Euractiv reported.

Cyberattacks, particularly of Russian origin, have been damaging Ukraine and its critical infrastructure since at least 2014, Bonnemison said. Ukraine, on the other hand, has responded by stepping up its cyber defense capabilities, which has allowed it to revolutionize its computer defenses, he added.


Last December, during a closed National Assembly hearing, the contents of which were made public on Thursday, General Bonnemison explained that Ukraine had been working on its vulnerabilities with Western cyber states, most notably the United States.

He called this support crucial and brought Ukrainian standards and procedures closer to Western models. This provides an opportunity to quickly share signs of an attack and the first technical defenses against it, he explained.

On Thursday, the general praised the resilience and effectiveness of Ukraine's cyber defense, adding that he was pleased that Russian cyber attacks were far less influential and effective than expected.

Author - Olena Madiak, 13/01/2023

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