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Ukraine is deliberately hiding the time of the counteroffensive

Jun 2, 2023

Apparently, Ukraine is deliberately concealing the time of the start of the counteroffensive, thereby trying to confuse the Russian occupiers, force them to defend themselves, and prevent them from seizing the initiative, the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces believes.

This was reported by ERR.

According to the Estonian military, Ukrainian, Russian, and international sources are distinguished by "false starts" in indicating the dates of possible active actions of Ukraine. At the same time, fighting is taking place along the entire front line, and there are also local battles.


The Ukrainians continue to create the ground for further actions: they are trying to take better positions, disrupt the control and logistics of the enemy troops, and destroy equipment that could hinder the offensive - primarily air defense, artillery, tanks, the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces notes.

They also note a decrease in the number of attacks by Russian forces in eastern Ukraine per day since February, and after May 19, the Russians have further reduced their activity and are regrouping.

"Most likely, this year the Russian Federation will focus on the complete capture of the Donetsk region. In this regard, it is likely that no later than the fall, the Russians will put strong pressure on Ukrainian positions on the Chasiv Yar - Siversk - Torske line," the report said.

Author - Olena Madiak, 02/06/2023

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